Emily Danger is a dark cabaret rock band from Brooklyn. The band consists of Emily Nicholas (vocals, piano, guitar), Ryan Nearhoff (vocals, drums, guitar, bass), and Cameron Orr (violin, melodica, synth).  They combine haunting melodies and vulnerable lyrics with orchestral, heavy, and often dissonant arrangements. Their debut EP, "Paintings", was released in 2012 to critical acclaim.

The band was formed after a successful cabaret show in New York city featuring Ryan and Emily.  Their debut music video, "Shed My Skin", was directed by artist John Patrick Wells and can be seen on Rormix, MRU TV, MTV2, and Youtube.  

The band has toured throughout the US and Canada, been featured on WFMU, Indie 100, Savage radio and various satellite radio programs internationally & on the West coast, and continue to play consistently throughout the East coast and NYC.  Their full length album is due out in January as well as their second music video, "Easy".

When not playing music, the band enjoys laughing, drinking, traveling, reading, and criticizing.